Ivy Bleu

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Everyone’s favorite black whore cock sucker is back with another disgusting blowjob scene.  Ivy Bleu, what can I say about this pig?  She absolutely loves pleasing men.  She don’t care what their kink is… as long as she can get them off, it’s all good in the hood.  Today, I had her drop to her knees and service my cock.  At first, there was a little gagging… then she pushed herself too deep and out came the belly slop, but it didn’t stop at one.  Afterward, it seems like every time she went down on my cock, more mess would separate from her stomach.  For good measure, I also spit on her like a disgusting animal.  Knowing she was turning me on, she jerked off my cock right over her face until I sprayed it with cum.


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Pinkee used to recruit bitches for me.  She’s been passed around more than a basketball on an all white team.  However, I never hit it.  All my friends would tell me how she gives pretty good head, too.  Personally, I thought she was pretty beat looking and had no interest in fucking her… but every man has his darkest hour.  At some point, I caved in.  There must have been a pussy drought or something.  Long story short, I dialed her up and asked if she wanted to step from the shadows and into the spotlight for a porn video.  She did.  Actually, she did really well.  The girl knows how to work a cock for sure!  I fucked her face, hit that sweet bald cunt and dropped some nut sauce all over her rugged face.

Ivy Bleu

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This is what I call a happy ending to a disastrous day.  I’ll explain… earlier in the day, I had a shoot with Poppy Loren (aka Santana Harper).  Even though I was pumped full of Viagra, for the life of me… I could not get an erection.  When I tell you that the minute she left the room, my dick got harder than it’s been since high school.  A wise man once told me that a boner should never go to waste.  Fortunately, my bitch, Ivy Bleu was there so we shot this scene.  For an unplanned scene, it came out pretty fucking awesome.  I fucked her mouth, she licked my ass and I dumped a huge load all over her black face.


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I met Shanin a few years prior at another porn shoot.  At that time, she was trying to break into porn with her tool of a husband.  Obviously, he went down in flames due to his inability to fuck and get blown like a porn star.  Since that time, I tried to fuck his wife aka Shanin.  For some reason, she was loyal to this retard.  I tried begging, lying and even offering money.  It wasn’t until years later that she hit me up out of the blue and said she’s ready to take some strange cock in her pretty hairless cunt.  I booked the cheapest hotel room I could find and told her to raise right over.  In the end, Jimmy always wins.  I fucked her tight little mouth like a fucking G… so much that tears of shame ran from her eyes and onto my hard cock.  Then, I hit that stank slit for a few pumps before emptying my sack all over her face!

Ivy Bleu

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Ivy Bleu and I were walking around the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago when we noticed this dude trailing us… well, trailing Ivy.  While we were sitting down, he worked up the nerve to come say hi.  After some chit chat, we thought it would be fun to see if he wanted to film a scene with Ivy.  He fucking jumped at the chance.  So, later that evening, he stopped by our hotel room and got his cock sucked.  I have to say… the dude is a natural.  He was able to get and stay hard… plus, he blew a huge fucking load all over her face.

Holly North

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Holly North is a wanna-be socialite from NYC… meaning she wants to hang out at fancy clubs surrounded by other douche bags with the personality of a loud fart. Tonight, she’s on the couch in a hotel room getting ready to chug down on some black cock, most likely disgracing her friends and family in the process. Having never been with a negroid before, Holly North should know that the black man knows only one speed… FAST. Using his chocolate meat missile, he rams her face and cunt much like a battering ram is used to destroy a door or wall. At the end, he leaves his black babies dripping from her face for all his homies to see!