(Black on Black Crime) Cassino 2

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Guess who’s back? Cassino and Spooky. It’s been a while since Spooky banged bitches for us so we had to make sure he can deliver so we paired him up with one of the freakiest bitches we know, Cassino. It didn’t take long for him to feel at home by shoving his black cock right down Cassino’s throat until the barf poured out. That’s the great thing about this pig… she loves the nasty shit.

(Latina Throats) Selena Skye 2

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It’s been 6 years since her first visit. Having tasted the civilian life for a while was enough to bore the fuck out of her… Today, we welcome back the Latina fuck pig aka Selena Skye. Jimmy wasn’t here for her first visit. She worked with the OG’s of this mother fucker. It was a Duke Skywalker directed and Big Red Machine acted scene. Knowing that, I knew this cunt was primed and ready for whatever we could dish out… and I was absolutely correct. This whore has zero gag reflex. We crammed everything we could find down her throat and not a single sweat was broken. You guys know we love it when it’s messy, but you have to appreciate the dick swallowing skills of some of these pigs. Not to mention, her big Latina ass can take a pounding. Gio fucked it hard like it was a big wet sloppy pussy and she just wanted it harder. Aye caramba!

(Ghetto Gaggers) Sasha White

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Sasha White wants to be a porn star… but no one wants to have sex with her. That’s quite a conundrum. She has a nice set of big natural tits, but a face like Cuba Gooding Jr. By the time the scene was over, if felt like I was in a sequel to Boyz N the Hood. Seriously though… this scene is fucking gross! I can not begin to describe the things that were pouring out of her belly. Chunks and chunks of epic grossness… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The things that happened after… sweet baby, Jesus! It’s a shame this pig is so beat. With her no-holds barred attitude, she could go far. Unfortunately, her face and body make her a dead-end.

(Face Fucking) Jesse Taylor 2

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The fans have spoken and we listened! Jesse Taylor returns in an epic sequel, one to set the bar even higher. To start, this one is messy. Her first time here, she managed to keep her belly oats to herself. This time… her stomach contents, as well as her dignity, lay all over the floor. Gross! Gio and Harker were ramped up to get a second crack at this pretty little fuck stick. Both guys went in hard, punishing her throat with hard cock… wetting her face with disgusting spit and slapping whatever sense she had left out of her empty head. When asked how she felt about her return visit, she replied “I liked the first time better” which basically translates to “This time was MUCH rougher!”. We switched gears into overdrive for this one and can honestly say we walked away proud. Enjoy this video… it rocks!

(Jimmy Hooligan) Tina Heart and Ivy Bleu

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Ok… this is the video that pretty much put me on the map.  Here I am, with two dumb black bitches, Ivy Bleu and Tina Heart.  Tina Heart was here before… you may remember.  She performed her first deep throat on me.  Well, she’s back and has something to prove.  She starts sucking my cock and then it happens… and it was epic.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Think of the movie, The Exorist, and now imagine this girl on my cock.  Oh my God!!!  Seriously, you have to fucking see it to believe it.  After that debacle, I tried to shove my cock up her tight black ass.  Then, I dropped my Jimmy babies all over her face.  Yay!!!

(Black on Black Crime) Brooke

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Brooke aka “broke” is a ghetto hooker for realz. She’s seen all types of funky shit slinging that ass on the street so what we had in store for her was any typical day in the slums of Philly. Bitches like this make my job nice and easy, though. They don’t flinch once the puke pours out or the slips ring across the face. Brooke handled Spooky like a boss.

(Latina Throats) Desiree Lopez 2

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Desiree Lopez is back to push her limits. Her first visit, she was paired with Gio alone. This time around, she had AVN award winner Tommy Pistol and Gio. Combined, these guys are a wrecking crew. This one raises the bar to epic heights. More intensity, more messy… more everything! Tommy and Gio ran a train on her tiny throat and even tinier cunt. Warning… this one is a screamer! It’s scenes like this that prove we are the hardest, most extreme high octane site on the internet. I don’t mean to toot our own horn… but it’s scenes like this that solidify how fucking awesome we are. Enjoy this one. It’s a gem!

(Ghetto Gaggers) London Blaq 2

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London Blaq… NYC’s premier hood rat, is back again. It’s been only a few weeks since her last visit, but this skank is all about wanting to be a porn star and she knows we can make or break you. Whenever a girl comes back, you guys know that we try and step it up, improve or add something new since the last scene. Today, the most we could get from her is double vag. So, Pauly and Gio both stuffed their hard white meat in her cunt box and fucked hard. I was actually surprised how easily their cocks fit until I remembered who we were dealing with… Sadly, I don’t remember much of the first scene but I do remember her being a cunt. Today, she proved to be a WAY bigger cunt. I’m glad that the face fucking was intense as it was. We even had to chain her up to keep the hood animation to a minimum. This one is very messy…

(Face Fucking) Lola Summers

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I always say… never judge a book by it’s cover. At first glance, 104 pound spinner Lola Summers looks like she’d have one foot out the door when it comes to this type of shoot… but this dumb twat actually proved me wrong. She hung in there like a big girl, took her lick and kept on keeping on. Good for you whore! Granted, she’s pretty dumb… I’m talking zero personality, but fuck it. She has a twat, that’s all she needs to get by in this world, right? I don’t know how small head accommodated those big cocks but she found a way to make them fit. Impressive, really. Each guy had fun with this one. It’s like Christmas morning when a fresh piece of cooz comes to shoot.

(Jimmy Hooligan) Ivy Bleu

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Everyone’s favorite black whore cock sucker is back with another disgusting blowjob scene.  Ivy Bleu, what can I say about this pig?  She absolutely loves pleasing men.  She don’t care what their kink is… as long as she can get them off, it’s all good in the hood.  Today, I had her drop to her knees and service my cock.  At first, there was a little gagging… then she pushed herself too deep and out came the belly slop, but it didn’t stop at one.  Afterward, it seems like every time she went down on my cock, more mess would separate from her stomach.  For good measure, I also spit on her like a disgusting animal.  Knowing she was turning me on, she jerked off my cock right over her face until I sprayed it with cum.