(Black on Black Crime) Sinnamon

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Bad news, people… we had a mega fuck up at this shoot. Sinnamon gave us one hell of a face fucking scene but unfortunately, we’ll never see it. The fucking camera didn’t record it. Before you call me a dumb ass and make fun of me, I want you to know that I did press record and the tape was moving… it just wasn’t recording. The only thing that came up when I was editing was a black screen. FUCK!!! I was able to salvage the sex, though. Believe me, guys… I wish this weren’t the case because Sinnamon gave an emotional face fuck complete with tears. I’m so sorry this happened. Let’s hope the big boss, Duke, buys me a new camera so this never can happen again!

(Latina Throats) Amya Sweet

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I’ll file this scene under the win column. It had everything you’ve grown to love and expect from Latina Throats. The whore, Amya Sweet, is a petite 22 year old with sexy tan lines, juicy butt, tight hairless cock box and an adorable face… a perfect target for spitting and slapping! Today, we were all amped. The action was high octane from start to finish. Without a doubt, this is the hardest thing this little fuck has ever done! Perfect… that’s how we know we did our job well! It didn’t stop with the face fucking… her pussy and asshole were open for business. This little spinner takes hard white cock up the crap trap like a pro. Oh man… what a twisted little fuck she is. Wait until you hear her sad story. It’s what shaped her into being the perfect little whore she is today!

(Ghetto Gaggers) London Blaq

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Upon entering the studio today, I quickly was told two important pieces of information. 1) London Blaq is a stripper and 2) she’s “hood”. Wonderful. I have mixed feelings when dealing with strippers. On one hand, they’re always about their money but on the other, what we do is light years away from shaking your ass in front of a couple guys in some dive club. The good news is that London came to work. So let’s get to the action, both Pauly and Gio took turns using her throat as a nice warm spot for their cocks. It got real real fast for London. You can see her contemplating her bad decision as soon as the first slap crisply landed across her face. The urge got even stronger as the cocks pushed their way past her tonsils and into her throat pussy. I’m proud of her, though. She kept with it. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Her reward for being a good bitch was two hard white cocks right up her slit. I’ll tell you what, this sista can fuck. At the end, she took two massive pearly white cumshots that completely covered her face… dripping down to her big natural triple D tits.

(Face Fucking) Alessa Snow

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Great scene today! We have Alessa Snow, a big tits pseudo up and comer stopping by to get her mouth, pussy and ass stretched out by the bad boys of FaceFucking.com. Right from the start, we knew this pig was going to be fun to play with. She exuded that “I’ll do anything I’m told” attitude that we love, although rare. First order of business, swallowing big cocks… engulfing their meat all the way to the balls. She did just that. The guys worked her throat like a wet pussy… fucking deep and fast. Next up… that bald cunt. Pauly described it as “shot out”. It’s apparent that taking giant cocks in her holes is a regular thing. At least that asshole was nice and tight. They used that as an alternate for their cocks. As it turns out, it worked out better. We had a good submissive bitch tonight. Enjoy!

(Jimmy Hooligan) Ivy Bleu

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The only thing that comes to my mind with this video is “disgusting”.  I honestly have never seen so much stomach content leak from a whore’s face hole before.  I know this video is only going to appeal to the truly depraved sick fucks out there… and that’s cool.  All you others, you’re probably going to want to skip this one.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Fuck, I don’t even know how I finished.  This one is filthy!

(Black on Black Crime) Ivy Bleu

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It’s been a while, but we’re back! I know you all have been wondering where we’ve been, right? Well… due to the failure of every major black male porn star in the Philly and New York area, we had to call in Bootleg’s half black cousin, Black Leg to help us out in a time of need. The show isn’t always perfect but it must always go on… and we did what we had to do to continue to provide you with another excellent black on black crime production! Don’t blame us. It’s not our fault every black guy we try can not achieve or maintain an erection. Be thankful Black Leg was around to shove a hard cock down the throat of another chocolate whore… and it’s Ivy Bleu, a fresh face natural D titty submissive little ass whore.

(Latina Throats) Danira Love

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Latina girls are notorious for being quitters. It’s just a fact. However, today… Danira Love came in with her sexy Puerto Rican ass and put an end to that awful stereotype. This petite little fuck stick took a whooping and kept on rocking. Both guys, Pauly and Gio were loco on her throat, pushing her tiny frame to the limit. She’s resilient. She should be the model to which other scumbag whores strive to emulate. Excellent work today. As usual, our crew was on point… excelling in our field. It’s refreshing to have a whore that’s a team player and wants to take home the gold. High energy throat pummeling. Crisp face slaps. Bulls-eye spits and high octane fucking. Win.

(Ghetto Gaggers) Kayla Ivy

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Kayla Ivy travel all the way from California to New Jersey for her debut in porn. When you think about it, it sounds pretty retarded, right? She traveled light… the only baggage she brought was her daddy issues. Having never really known her father, she developed a sense of resentment towards men. That much is obvious. She even had the nerve to lash out at me a bit (fucking cunt!)… but don’t worry. My henchmen, Pauly Harker and Gio put that bitch right in her place. It’s a very humbling experience gagging on a hard white cock, losing your lunch and being like the animal we see you as. This one is messy, fellas. Oh… she got her pretty black butt fucked hard, too! Get this… she’s only taken it in the ass with one other guy (maybe a handful of times). Today, she tripled that number. Each guy took turns blowing that O ring wide open. School was in session and the first lesson was gaping. The gang finished by unloading massive cum loads all over her pretty face… and I do mean pretty. She’s top shelf… now she’s damaged goods.

(Face Fucking) Baby Girl

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Today’s lesson is never judge a book by it’s cover. Baby Girl (fitting name) is an 88 lb first timer… who to this day in her 19 years on this planet, has only fucked 2 guys. Today, she’s doubling that number. Just let that sink in. Anyway, looking at her, I never thought she’d see the finish line of this scene. She not only finished, but she excelled. These cocks had to be twice as big as her head. Watching a petite 19 year old take cock like this brings a smile to my face and a tear to my heart. If I was on the fence about having a kid, I’ve now made a decision… NO. No way could I live with myself watching my baby girl gobble down dicks like this. Anyway… this scene went off without a hitch. It’s awesome. You’re going to love it!!!

(Jimmy Hooligan) Santana Harper

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Santana Harper is, easily, one of the hottest girls I ever got to fuck.  She’s, clearly, out of my league… but that’s what makes it better.  I started off this scene but just staring at her body… like a real fucking creep.  It’s like it was carved out of stone.  She was all firm, no body fat, big fake tits, a round-tight ass and the prettiest little hairless pussy.  Next, I had to put her mouth on my cock.  Honestly, I could have busted my nut right there.  Seeing this pretty bitch attached to my cock was definitely making my balls boil, but I figured I better stick my cock in her cunt first (if nothing more than for bragging rights).  So, I bent her over and gave her some pumps, all the while talking out loud about how fucking awesome it was.  Finally, I put her on her back and blew a load all over her face.  She opened her mouth and some of my creamy goo landed directly in her throat, instantly causing her to gag.  I guess Jimmy’s jism tastes like battery acid.