(Ebony Cum Dumps) Mishon

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Mishon is a cute slender black chick who thinks porn is the right choice for her. Well, she totally bombed trying out for Ghetto Gaggers, so she was downgraded and is now starting at square one with Ebony Cum Dumps. Clearly this whore can’t gag on cock, but can she suck it? Here, she gets to show off her skills. From the looks of it, she has some dick sucking abilities. However, she hates the taste of cum… which made the ending of this scene nearly priceless.

(Sperm Suckers) Misty Lee

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Misty Lee is 19 years old, loves cock and simply adores cum. Nothing makes this dick pig happier than slopping down on some meat and having loads shot into her mouth. I love chicks like this. They aim to please. This whore has been working cocks for years… even though she’s only a fresh 19 years old. Misty Lee took on Gio’s flesh missile until he was ready to pop… and once he did, he shot it right where she wanted… in her dirty whore mouth. She couldn’t wait to swallow every drop. My only complaint… we didn’t have more guys on tap to feed her jizz!

(Black on Black Crime) Sweetie

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Sweetie is a skanky hood rat from some ghetto up North. Today, she got her ugly face fucked until she barfed up her Kool Aid and fried chicken. After that mess was over, Spooky attacked that pussy to warm her up, then switched it to the ass. That brown eye was fucked hard and when it came time to bust a nut, we had her shove her fingers down her throat to make herself puke as the cum landed on her forehead.

(Latina Throats) Yesenia Nicole

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Yesenia Nicole… or what I like to call her… batshit crazy was a sweet fun girl off camera but on camera, she didn’t want to put in the work. That’s typical with the latinas. I don’t know why, but it’s just a fact. Yesenia had every excuse in the book for why she couldn’t do certain things. Her bullshit fell on deaf ears. Bootleg slapped her around, had her barfing and wallowing in her own slime and sorrow. It looked as she was going to throw in the towel, but the idea of getting paid was more important so she powered through and finished. That’s all well and good, but it would have been even better if the bitch hadn’t kept us there all night with her constant breaking.

(Ghetto Gaggers) Jayden Starr 3

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Jayden Starr is back and after watching this scene, you’ll know why this whore has a standing invitation to come back whenever the fuck she wants. You know guys how I roll… I despise the whores, but when they bring their A game like this… you have to give them props. Want a recount of the action? Pussy and ass fisting. Anal while getting her pussy fisted, epic amounts of barf, psychological breakdowns and as a finishing move – purple drank flying out of her big black ass!!! We nailed it tonight. Tommy Pistol, you sir are a master of your craft.

(Face Fucking) Lyla Kennedy

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Lyla Kennedy is a derpy, goofy broad with daddy issues. She’s actually a fan of our work (who can blame her, right?). Today, she went from being a spectator to the star. It was not as easy as she thought. Having a cock rammed down your throat at 90 miles per hour has got to be tough. Listen to her gasp for air in between cock pumps. It’s pretty fucking intense. Next, her pretty shaved slit was destroyed by Pauly Harker’s big knob cock. I think he obliterated her cervix. She didn’t care because during that thrashing, she came like 4 times. I’m telling you man… some chicks dig this shit.

(Ebony Cum Dumps) Mya Lushes

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Mya Lushes is a name you should remember. I don’t know if this chick has a future in porn, but if she does… she’ll be breaking hearts. Jimmy likes this bitch! She’s a hot black whore with big natural tits, petite body and a submissive demeanor. She took Bootleg’s hard dick and put on a show. She got to show off her skills! Bootleg dumped a big thick load into her mouth, which was hard for her to swallow. The globs that fell to the ground were scooped back up and reinserted into her gullet. We have too much respect for our fans to let a whore try and cheat them from a full cum swallow. Respect!

(Sperm Suckers) Nakia Ty

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If you told me that this whore never sucked a cock in her life, I would absolutely fucking believe you. However, this weirdo actually has a porn career. Granted, she’s been out of the game for over 6 years, but still… I’d imagine sucking a cock is much like riding a bike. It’s quite possible that she never learned. For starters, once it goes past the cock head… she gags. Don’t get me wrong… gagging is good, but it scares her. She backs away from the cock like a virgin on prom night. In fact, that’s how I would describe this scene. Picture the very first time you were blown by the girl who had no clue what she was doing. She’d lick the head, try and take it deeper but gag. Lick the balls… the good times! This will bring you back…

(Black on Black Crime) Chocolate Haze

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Chocolate Haze has been around the blocks more times than I’d care to count. To be more direct, she’s a seasoned whore. Having a cock jammed down her throat is old news. It doesn’t faze her. In fact, it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Spitting on her and slapping her around doesn’t set her off, either. Her pimp probably does worse to her daily when she doesn’t bring home stacks of cash. How do you wreck a girl who’s already broken? Short of just hitting her with a sack of oranges, we ran out of ideas. Even when I had her shove her hand down her whore throat to make herself barf, I couldn’t even get a gag. She’s seen and been through it all. Actually, it’s sad when you think about it. This chocolate mess can’t sink any lower. I guess the good news is that the only place to go is up!

(Latina Throats) Ava Kelly

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You guys know me… I hate these whores. I hate them before they even walk in the door, but every once in a while… someone who isn’t a complete and utter cunt comes to work with us. Ava Kelly is that diamond in the rough. First off, she’s extremely pretty. If she was smart, she’d be doing something more than porn but fortunately for us, she’s not. What she lacks in smarts, she makes up in whoredom. She laid everything on the line and all holes were up for the taking. She must have been practicing sucking off mandingo cock because this bitch was deepthroating like a mother fucking champ. The anal? Bootleg was pounding that brown eye like a lubed up pussy. She claims that she’s only been taking it in the dumper for a couple months to please her boyfriend… so kudos to that mother fucker for opening your bitch up to the wonderful world of butt sex. These are the types of shoots that we have to appreciate as they happen because chances are, the next whore is going to be a total fucking disaster.