Tina Heart and Ivy Bleu

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A few people on Twitter hit me up and told me about this whore looking to shoot her first official porn scene.  Meet Tina Heart.  She’s got a sweet ass, flat chest and a fat hairless pussy that feels good wrapped around my cock!  Today, she was taught how to take a cock all the way down her throat (with messy results).  Tina was joined by Ivy Bleu, a sort of face fucking guru in her own right.  Together, these dumb bitches sucked my knob like a seasoned tag team.  The, Tina bounced on my hard cock.  Fuck… these dykes even took turns eating each other’s cunts before I busted my baby sauce all over Tina’s face.

Layla Price

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It’s not often I get the chance to work with a real porn star… meaning someone who has a hardcore fan following and has been on box covers.  However, because I’m fucking awesome and because this chick has a crush on Gio, I was able to pull it off.  Ok… first things first, Layla is known for her cock sucking skills.  Fans of the art will know what I mean.  In my opinion, this is an award winning head scene… but I won’t get the nod because the industry hates me.  Whatever.  This is still fucking awesome.  She deep throats, is sloppy and works the nuts.  She even threw in a little fucking for me.  How’s that for being cool?  Finally, he shot a couple loads on her face and then jammed his meat down her throat so the rest of his sack babies could end up in her stomach.

Natasha Nunez

jp071313-natasha-nunez-big-01 jp071313-natasha-nunez-big-02 jp071313-natasha-nunez-small-01 jp071313-natasha-nunez-small-02 jp071313-natasha-nunez-small-03 jp071313-natasha-nunez-small-04 jp071313-natasha-nunez-small-05 jp071313-natasha-nunez-small-06
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When I first met Natasha Nunez, I seriously thought she was mildly retarded.  I would talk to her and she would look at me like I was speaking jibba jabba.  She’s pretty fucking hot, though.  Conversation is over rated, anyway… especially in porn.  To give you some background on this broad, she’s a stripper.  That means money is the answer to everything.  So, I threw her a little and got her to do this little homemade sex tape.  First, she sucked my cock… probably like she does in the back room of her “gentleman’s” club.  Then, I bent her over and pounded her doggy style.  I’ll be honest… the little pig has some good ass pussy.  It didn’t take long for me to dump one all over her face.