Holly North

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Holly North is a wanna-be socialite from NYC… meaning she wants to hang out at fancy clubs surrounded by other douche bags with the personality of a loud fart. Tonight, she’s on the couch in a hotel room getting ready to chug down on some black cock, most likely disgracing her friends and family in the process. Having never been with a negroid before, Holly North should know that the black man knows only one speed… FAST. Using his chocolate meat missile, he rams her face and cunt much like a battering ram is used to destroy a door or wall. At the end, he leaves his black babies dripping from her face for all his homies to see!


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Ever hear the saying, “Patience is a virtue”? It’s true. I waited years for this scene to happen… and it finally did. Here’s the back story. Years ago, Shanin and her loser husband answered an ad of mine looking for video whores. At that time, she wouldn’t work with anyone besides that tool. Long story short, he sucked and the footage never saw the light of day. Over the years, I kept in touch… constantly asking if she was ready for some strange cock to enter her body. She always declined… until this time. Having fallen on hard times, she was ready to put in work. I met up with her in a shitty hotel room and got down to business. Her mouth was everything I knew it would be. She’s got the pretties bald pussy, the tightest mouth and the cutest little ass for a skinny white girl I’ve ever seen. I pushed her limits today. She’s never had her throat fucked like this before. It brought tears to her eyes! The good kind… tears of happiness knowing she can be a bigger whore than she ever thought possible!


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Everyone has a friend that is kinda beat, but worthy of a fuck, right? Well… that’s my Pinkee. Back in the day, she used to convince her friends to do porn for me. Oddly enough, throughout all that… she never gave up her pussy on video. There were some times my buddies would take her into the next room and fuck her, but I never got involved. Well, as I was putting this site together, I needed a local whore to try things out on… so I asked this pig. Of course, she agreed… and cheaply. I have to admit, she is an excellent performer. This scene is exactly how I like them… raw and nasty. With Pinkee, anything pretty much goes.

Lolli Lace

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Lolli Lace is a big fucking goofball. When she opens her mouth, you’d think she was inbred and when she speaks, your assumptions are solidfied. Anyway, she has a nice lean body with smallish tits and a pretty face. Today, she gets dicked down by Spooky. He pump fucks her mouth and hits that sweet pussy from the back… the way the black men love doing it. After some good pumping, he unloads his black babies all over her face.