(Ebony Cum Dumps) Nina Moore

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Things started off a little tense as the whore’s attitude started to seep out. The shoot was running a little later than normal and this skank was mentally checked out. Red got her head back in the game by giving her a few good cracks across the face. That woke her up. Then, it was back to business. She sucked on Red’s cock until he got bored and decided to fuck her big black 36D tits. You know the rest… he blew his load inside her mouth and had her drool it into the cum cup several times before swallowing. You can tell by her lifeless eyes that this was one of the more humiliating experiences she’s ever had. Sounds like our job is complete, then!

(Sperm Suckers) Kristina Belle

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Kristina Bella is new to porn… so new that her work with us is her first ever. Today, she is giving Gio a blowjob. Honestly, she gives head like my old girlfriends from high school. She just kind of goes through the motion, hurrying up so she could watch reruns of Sex in the City or some shit. On the plus side, she’s pretty fucking cute. Watching her chug down on some pipe is nice and seeing her enjoy the cum swimming around in her mouth was sexy.

(Black on Black Crime) Asa

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Asa is new to the game and this is one of her first shoots. My boy, Spooky, had his way with this ghetto skank BIG TIME. He slapped her around like a cheap slut, made her puke on his cock, spit on her face and had her wanting to pack up and leave the porn world behind. To further degrade this bitch, we had her shove her own fingers down her throat to make herself vomit while Spooky fucked the piss out of her. The intensity of the cock pounding inside her skank hole rocked her so hard that she squirted all over the floor. Spooky used her face as a mop to soak it up. Fucking awesome!

(Latina Throats) Lilly Hall

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Finding hot latinas can sometimes prove to be difficult. It seems like once they reach their young adult years, they’ve already had 7 kids and looks tired and shot out. Fortunately, Lilly Hall side stepped that heritage landmine and kept her body looking nice and tight. She could make someone a nice wife… if she wasn’t such a filthy whore! Today, we taught her how to please the white man aka Bootleg. Filming latinas is like walking on eggshells. You have to be careful or they break. They’re the first to quit whatever they’re doing. Lilly sucked it up, though. She’s a good bitch…

(Ghetto Gaggers) Brandi Foxx

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Brandi Foxx is a 30 year old milf. Weighing in at a mere 110, she has a nicer body than girls 10 years younger. She has the type of body I prefer… tight and petite. It’s about time we’ve had a ghetto gagger come in that’s not an obvious candidate for diabetes, right? Anyway, this sassy little cunt thought it was all jokes and fun during the interview but clearly, she was nervous. I pick up on those little ticks. When she wouldn’t stop flapping her gums, Pistol stepped in and slapped the sass right out of her body. She learned quickly that we’re not to be fucked with. That, topped with a throat pounding set her straight. Obedience was taught to this scuz bucket. For a tiny bitch, she could take the dick, too! She likes it hard, fast and rough… so that’s what she got.

(Face Fucking) Brook Ultra

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Big Tits. Check. Airhead. Check. Daddy Issues. Check. Brook Ultra has all the makings of being the next big deal in big tit porn. I can totally see the LA companies gobbling up this cunt, but we had her first. Today, she was trained to be a submissive little whore, taking cocks in all three holes. Pauly Harker blew her asshole out with his giant knob. We shot some great fucking anal gapes with this pig… so much that you could see what she had for dinner last night. Another well rounded scene with a model who’s top shelf. Enjoy this… and when you see her all over the place, remember who taught that cunt the ropes.

(Jimmy Hooligan) Amber Leah

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Amber Leah and her roommate were passing through my town on their way to Las Vegas.  I had them make a quick stop to film a filthy fuck video.  Honestly, this pig is pretty awesome.  However, she was about an hour late… and I hate waiting for whores.  When she finally did arrive, I ripped into her.  Then, I had her dude take it out on her by smacking the shit out of that bitch while she impaled her face on his hard cock.  Honestly, the whore is a good gagger.  She obviously is familiar with the business end of a dick.  It rammed in and out of her mouth.  After that, he slid it inside her stank hole and used her as his own “full size cock massager”.  Awesome!  Fans of Jimmy are going to love this scene because it’s dirty the way you like it, but you’ll also get the feel of what it’s like to be on my set because there’s tons of behind the scenes footage included.  This is a new style of porn… are you ready for what I want to show you?

(Ebony Cum Dumps) Mishon

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Mishon is a cute slender black chick who thinks porn is the right choice for her. Well, she totally bombed trying out for Ghetto Gaggers, so she was downgraded and is now starting at square one with Ebony Cum Dumps. Clearly this whore can’t gag on cock, but can she suck it? Here, she gets to show off her skills. From the looks of it, she has some dick sucking abilities. However, she hates the taste of cum… which made the ending of this scene nearly priceless.

(Sperm Suckers) Misty Lee

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Misty Lee is 19 years old, loves cock and simply adores cum. Nothing makes this dick pig happier than slopping down on some meat and having loads shot into her mouth. I love chicks like this. They aim to please. This whore has been working cocks for years… even though she’s only a fresh 19 years old. Misty Lee took on Gio’s flesh missile until he was ready to pop… and once he did, he shot it right where she wanted… in her dirty whore mouth. She couldn’t wait to swallow every drop. My only complaint… we didn’t have more guys on tap to feed her jizz!

(Black on Black Crime) Sweetie

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Sweetie is a skanky hood rat from some ghetto up North. Today, she got her ugly face fucked until she barfed up her Kool Aid and fried chicken. After that mess was over, Spooky attacked that pussy to warm her up, then switched it to the ass. That brown eye was fucked hard and when it came time to bust a nut, we had her shove her fingers down her throat to make herself puke as the cum landed on her forehead.