Bianca Moore

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I like this bitch.  Bianca Moore is a submissive little cunt with a nice and lean muscular body.  You just know this bitch spends her time working out.  Today, she’s working her throat and cunt muscles.  I started off by having her cram a giant dildo down her throat, to “prime the pump” so to speak.  Once her belly goo started flowing, that’s when I bent her over and just started pumping into that sweet bald pussy from behind.  This pig is a real fuck machine!  I rained down the spit all over her hair and face… and you know how black bitches just love their hair!!!  A few well placed slaps kept her head in the game and finally, I dumped my jizz all over her pretty fucking face.

Yuka Ozaki

jp082114-yuka-ozaki-big-01 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-big-02 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-small-01 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-small-02 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-small-03 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-small-04 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-small-05 jp082114-yuka-ozaki-small-06
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What do you get when you cross an old Asian broad who wants nothing more than to be a porn star and a young black man with absolutely zero personality?  You get this.  This could have been so much more… and you know what?  I’m going to blame the black man.  Fuck it.  Let’s look at the positives, though… because there are parts that make this worthwhile.  For starters, Yuka Ozaki is brand new.  This is her first very porn.  With that being said, it’s almost like watching her have sex for the very first time.  It’s awkward.  She laughs, she cries, she moans like a retard the way the do in pure Asian porn.  Maybe it’s because this broad is straight off the boat from Japan?  For a woman who obviously is terrible at sucking cock, she actually takes the dick down her throat pretty well.  Judging by her reaction, she didn’t like it very much.  I couldn’t care less about that.  She has a pussy like a catcher’s mit, but she made sure it was shaved nice and bald for Jimmy.  It may look old and worn out, but it fits like a glove (if you know what I’m saying).  I think she’s someone I would bring back… but I’ll be doing the grunt work.  I had enough of these young bucks fucking like diabetic old men.

Danielle Reid

jp053014-danielle-reid-big-01 jp053014-danielle-reid-big-02 jp053014-danielle-reid-small-01 jp053014-danielle-reid-small-02 jp053014-danielle-reid-small-03 jp053014-danielle-reid-small-04 jp053014-danielle-reid-small-05 jp053014-danielle-reid-small-06
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Danielle Reid is crazy about white cock… fortunately for Gio, he’s white.  Anyway, Danielle is an up and coming model with a handful of scenes under her belt for some pretty big companies.  However, she’s not into the rough and grosser type shit that I do.  Today, she stepped her game up and got down with some good face fucking.  Her black face was used like a good wet pussy, meaning cock was plunged deep and hard inside of it.  Much to Danielle’s dismay, she was a little messier than she had hoped.  She tried to keep it contained but eventually, she spewed her belly butter all over herself like a little piggie!  When Gio had his fill of her throat, he bent her over and railed that sweet black pussy even harder.  To finish her off, he blew a load on her face and then crammed his cock meat down her throat… shooting the rest of his jizz directly into her belly.

Ivy Bleu

jp111512-ivy-bleu-big-01 jp111512-ivy-bleu-big-02 jp111512-ivy-bleu-small-01 jp111512-ivy-bleu-small-02 jp111512-ivy-bleu-small-03 jp111512-ivy-bleu-small-04 jp111512-ivy-bleu-small-05 jp111512-ivy-bleu-small-06
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Ivy Bleu stars in one of her grossest scenes to date.  In fact, I don’t even want to talk about it or my stomach will start to turn… but I realize I must.  As they say, “The sizzle sells the steak”.  So here goes… Ivy Bleu and I get down and dirty in this one.  Warning, it’s vile.  She starts off by chugging down on my hard white cock the way I like, taking the entire thing down to the balls.  Then, she slides underneath and licks my asshole while I jack off over her face.  Then, it gets rugged.  She puts her fingers in her mouth until her belly is emptied all over the floor… but it doesn’t end there.  She, then, takes handfuls and refuels herself.  Not sure what I mean?  Use your imagination.  She puts it all over her face and back in her mouth as she jerks me off all over her face.  This one isn’t for everyone…  only die hard Jimmy Hooligan fans!!!

Tina Heart and Ivy Bleu

jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-big-01 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-big-02 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-small-01 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-small-02 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-small-03 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-small-04 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-small-05 jp121513-tina-heart-ivy-bleu-small-06
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A few people on Twitter hit me up and told me about this whore looking to shoot her first official porn scene.  Meet Tina Heart.  She’s got a sweet ass, flat chest and a fat hairless pussy that feels good wrapped around my cock!  Today, she was taught how to take a cock all the way down her throat (with messy results).  Tina was joined by Ivy Bleu, a sort of face fucking guru in her own right.  Together, these dumb bitches sucked my knob like a seasoned tag team.  The, Tina bounced on my hard cock.  Fuck… these dykes even took turns eating each other’s cunts before I busted my baby sauce all over Tina’s face.