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Everyone has a friend that is kinda beat, but worthy of a fuck, right? Well… that’s my Pinkee. Back in the day, she used to convince her friends to do porn for me. Oddly enough, throughout all that… she never gave up her pussy on video. There were some times my buddies would take her into the next room and fuck her, but I never got involved. Well, as I was putting this site together, I needed a local whore to try things out on… so I asked this pig. Of course, she agreed… and cheaply. I have to admit, she is an excellent performer. This scene is exactly how I like them… raw and nasty. With Pinkee, anything pretty much goes.

Lolli Lace

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Lolli Lace is a big fucking goofball. When she opens her mouth, you’d think she was inbred and when she speaks, your assumptions are solidfied. Anyway, she has a nice lean body with smallish tits and a pretty face. Today, she gets dicked down by Spooky. He pump fucks her mouth and hits that sweet pussy from the back… the way the black men love doing it. After some good pumping, he unloads his black babies all over her face.